coffee and time

It’s a gorgeous day. A day for bike riding, walking, sitting on the patio with a book and a beer.

But today, I had previously committed to spending with my most treasured friend laptop, working on an essay for an internet journal I promised weeks, no, now it’s nearly months ago. I hate that it’s taken me this long to write this essay, essentially a personal narrative on what went on for Fermin to ‘come out of the shadows’ and ‘get legal,’ after we married.

I consider it a privilege to write for this journal, so I feel bad for taking so long to complete this, but feeling guilty doesn’t do anyone any good, and certainly my experience so far has been that the people that manage this journal are exceptionally understanding.

So here I am, looking out the window at the perfect blue sky, watching the cyclists whiz by, trying to write. I have coffee though, and am looking forward to dinner out tonight with the cash I unexpectedly made last night while helping a friend with her budding personal chef business.

Considering how much time I have invested in documenting what has happened during our immigration process on this blog, it’s hard to say why it has taken me so long to formulate good, coherent thoughts about it now that it is all over.

But time to start procrastinating and give it a try.

2 Responses to coffee and time

  1. lois bruss says:

    Hope you’ll share the essay on your blog or say where it can be found. Don’t be too hard on yourself this situation has really just ended not too long ago.

  2. GabachaYucateca says:

    You know, I’ve always found that it takes me quite a long time, often years, to write about something personal. Sometimes the subject needs time to incubate. It’s not even with painful subjects so much, but I think that time needs to pass so that I can get some emotional distance from what I want to write about. If I try too soon, I can’t see the topic clearly, nor can I parse out what I want to share about it.

    For example, I wrote an essay about something from 8 years ago and it turned out beautifully and clearly, but then I tried to work on something that just happened two years ago and it was pure gobbledy-gook and was awful reading because not even I knew what my point was.

    And I always kick myself when I don’t document situations and moments through journalling (or blogging in your case) because nothing rich and true can come out of my fault memory.

    Speaking of coffee, after writing this it seems that my coffee is now kicking in!

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