My office is in an industrial park developed over a wetland, but thankfully a good chunk of the wetland has been preserved. It’s actually quite serene, and we see a good number of interesting birds, including wild turkeys, indigo buntings and sandhill cranes.

Last summer, less than a year after the building was completed and the company moved in, wild turkeys would occasionally walk right up to the building, and in some cases, tap on the glass. One morning a few months after I started here, I heard a co-worker sitting in the next area shouting, “the turkeys are tapping on the window, come quickly!” and everyone around did come quickly. There were two turkeys sitting right next to the window, tapping their little beaks on the glass. Then they ran away.

The turkeys haven’t been around this summer, but right now, there is actually a crane standing about 10 feet away from me, just on the other side of window that I sit about 6 feet from. The cranes have become gradually more adjusted to their human neighbors this summer, to the point where they routinely hang out a few yards from the building for a good chunk of the day. They are really funny, and it’s great to see them up close. I wish I had my camera.


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