Attorney meets YouTube

Attorney Laurel Scott, an immigration attorney who is also a frequent poster and contributor on, has been doing some videos about different processes for legalizing an unlawfully present immigrant and posting them on You Tube.

It’s a fabulous idea, and I think it’s safe to say that no other immigration attorney is out there talking in a casual and helpful way about the I-601 waiver or filing adjustment of status. You can view all her videos here. She has even translated some into Spanish.

She’s also started an Immigration Reform YouTube group, (which you should join), and is testing out a video contest with a $250 prize. The subject of the video is “The right to live with your spouse.”

“The winning video will be the one that best educates the viewer on the legal and social issues involved and makes the most convincing argument that the law should be changed in favor of relief for the unlawfully present and their American families. Your target audience is the general You Tube viewers who may or may not have an opinion on immigration reform, but has a poor understanding of the law and its impact on American families.”

I would like to encourage anyone who is a YouTube user or just has a video camera and an opinion to participate. I’m much more of a writer than an exhibitionist, but I would love to see some great videos posted!


2 Responses to Attorney meets YouTube

  1. Donna says:

    Unfortunately, Laurel has removed her video from the site you had posted. I hope she re-posts it soon.

  2. laurafern says:

    Thanks for the info. I wonder why she took that one down. Anyway, there are a number of more procedural, immigration-related videos that would be of assistance to undocumented people. I hope some people will participate in the contest.

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