Christmas evening

A lot has happened this month. I took the LSAT, finished my application for Marquette law and got an insane job offer from the person I would most like to work for in the world – in Houston – and after serious thought, had to turn it down. If I were single, living in an apartment and had not gotten so attached to my life in Milwaukee the last few years, I would have gone, but besides the opportunity to work on something I am passionate about, all signs pointed away from moving. I got my LSAT score – not amazing, but hopefully, probably good enough for Marquette.

Fermin and I decided to go to Mexico in January. Then I convinced my avid traveler friend Britta, who runs a personal chef service called Private Palate, to come to Mexico too, and we bought tickets to go for two weeks and spend a solid week in Oaxaca (see amazing Oaxaca photos by one Scott L. Robertson here), learning about traditional food and soaking up some much desired sunshine.

The holidays are in full swing – and this year I ate turkey and tamales and drank eggnog and ponche. Next weekend we’ll cook Mexican at my mom’s house for our belated Christmas and spend New Years’ with dear friends in Madison. I know I’ll spend the rest of January dreaming about two weeks in Mexico in February. Then we’ll be approaching spring.

I’m cautiously optimistic that I will have the opportunity to start a 16-hour per week class schedule come August, and concerned about the discipline it will take to pull that off while working full time. I do realize I need to value my free time now as much as possible. Once I start school, things are going to be more than a little intense.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – see you all soon!


2 Responses to Christmas evening

  1. Amy Guerra says:

    Wow, Laura! So much good stuff going on! btw, that job offer, was that for who I think it probably was?????!! That must have been soooo hard to turn down. Anyway, good luck with the law school process, and enjoy your warm-weather vacation. Hope you have a great New Year!!!

  2. laurafern says:

    Yes Amy, it’s who you think it was, I think. Quite an honor and definitely tough to turn down, but the move would not have been good for all other areas of my life…

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