Greetings from Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico. For those of you in Wisconsin, we have heard of the big snow and are very glad we missed it. 🙂 My friend Britta and I are at an internet cafe a block off Oaxaca´s wonderful city center (zocalo), relaxing a bit and catching up on e-mail, photo downloading and research for the next and final leg of our two-week trip. The weather here is in the 80s each day, dropping into the mid-60s at night, sunny and gorgeous basically. It´s a wonder to be here in February.

I´ve been taking pictures with two cameras, my trusty Minolta Maxxum film SLR and my new Samsung digital. I´m still very attached to my film camera but I do have some decent shots now on my flickr page. Feel free to take a look. It takes forever to upload here so you´ll have to wait until I get back to see photos here.

Britta´s purpose on this trip is culinary research so we´ve been very purposeful about learning ¨real¨Mexican food, not only some of the very traditional dishes that Fermin´s mother creates, but also the many local specialties of Oaxaca. Today we took a four-hour cooking class at Casa Crespo with Oscar Carrizosa, a painter, graphic designer and self-taught chef who has traveled all over the world and offers wonderfully intimate cooking classes out of his gorgeous home. The whole experience was a delight, and I will have a full description of what we made with pictures after I return.

Fermin left this morning as he has to go back to work on Monday, so last night we went to Cafe La Olla, owned by Pilar Cabrera, owner of another cooking school, Casa de Los Sabores, and after the amazing meal Britta decided to take Ms. Cabrera´s class as well. Tuesday we will be off to the coast, Puerto Angel specifically, to enjoy a few days on the beach before returning to cold, wintery Milwaukee.

Saludos a todos!


2 Responses to viajando!

  1. Jennie says:

    How fun! I can’t wait to hear more.

  2. lois bruss says:

    Happy to hear you’re having a GREAT time.
    Wish I was there as we’re really having quite a winter here in Milwaukee.

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