left behind


“A woman was locked for four days in a tiny holding cell in a northern Arkansas courthouse, forgotten by the authorities and left without food or water, the local Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday.

The woman, Adriana Torres-Flores, 38, a longtime illegal immigrant from Mexico, slept on the floor with only a shoe for a pillow, and with nothing to drink except her own urine, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported. There was no bathroom in the cell.”

Read the full New York Times story.

I mean, “oversights” happen, but imagine being the responsible bailiff –  you are doing your job, you lock a person up, but then you go home and four entire days pass and you don’t even remember this person existed. I really have a hard time imagining that sort of scenario. I just, don’t even know what to say… I hope that bailiff becomes an advocate for immigrant’s rights to make up for his oversight.


3 Responses to left behind

  1. DM says:

    wow is right, you never think things like this would happen in the U.S. but then again we never thought we would put children in jail either. Immigrants are no longer considered human anymore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    DM says “Immigrants are no longer considered human”. I guess I missed that part. Please enlighten us – who considers them not human?

  3. laurafern says:

    Well – I would say the bailiff, who like I said, locked this woman up and completely forgot her for four entire days to be very much guilty of ignoring/disregarding/forgetting her humanity.

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