dream deferred

I know I’ve been quiet lately. Thanks for stopping by though, and in lieu of reading something marginally interesting from me this morning, please check out the new A Dream Deferred, an online community for undocumented young men and women who seek the chance to pursue higher education and and adjust their status in the U.S. There is a petition on the front page. It would be great if everyone would sign it.


3 Responses to dream deferred

  1. lkeber says:

    Hey- if you like this video, you might be interested to see this one:


    It’s on the T Don Hutto family detention center in Texas. Created by the Department of Homeland Security, and run by the Corrections Corporation of America. I administer a blog about it at TDonHutto.blogspot.com


  2. Amy G says:

    I’ve been saddened by the lack of support people have for this issue. It’s so tragic that people are only willing to think of themselves and worry about “their own kind” without realizing that kids raised in the US ARE “their own”. I’m glad to see more than 6,000 signatures on the petition. I just hope someday Americans in general can learn to look beyond their immediate situations and see the big picture of progress for the country. Hard work should reap benefits, in the US of all places!

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