summer reading

Besides figuring out how, and from whom, to borrow a lot of money and planning a partial move to Madison, I realized last week that I had better to do some light reading this summer.

I haven’t really immersed myself in any law school forums or excessive pre-law preparation, but considering the tiny amount of knowledge about the law that I currently have, it’s probably important that I arrive in Madison in September somewhat prepared. So I’ll be wading through any number of “nutshell” guides, looking up many words in my pocket Black’s Law Dictionary, and relaxing by reading Scott Turow’s 1970s experience as a Harvard first-year law student, also know as a “1L.”

Hmmm… super fun.


9 Responses to summer reading

  1. lisslo says:

    Tons of fun! I am doing much the same, hoping to glean some information from the bazillion books about law school out there. Good luck!

  2. laurafern says:

    I got a few replies on the law school forum I just joined like, “Huh, are you crazy? Don’t read that stuff!” I don’t know if I will take their advice. I doubt I will complete an overview book on all my major classes next year, but I would really like to go to school with some knowledge. This isn’t a competitive feeling. I have been warned to not expect or even strive for As in law school. As are reserved for the people who want to interview for jobs in top firms and I want to be an immigration attorney. Much of what I learn will be, in fact, irrelevant for my future career. At the same time, I am not aiming for the bottom of the class. And I want to mitigate the feeling of being completely overwhelmed as much as possible.

  3. lisslo says:

    I figure that I’m not going to make these books my bibles or anything, but I’m hoping that by reading about other people’s experiences I will prepare myself a little bit better.

    Of course you’re not going to learn everything you need to know, but it can’t hurt to at least look at the subjects so that things don’t feel so incredibly foreign. I know that I cannot expect to get straight As either, and that isn’t why I want to prepare myself. It really is because I don’t want to struggle so much that I am at the bottom of my class, too. I completely agree with you–I don’t want to be so overwhelmed. If reading an overview of torts or civ pro might help me, then so be it.

  4. laurafern says:

    I feel better now. 🙂

    I noticed you have a long law-student related blogroll. Which are your favorites?

  5. InVinoVeritas says:

    Don’t forget to read your torts. Torts, from my vast knowledge on the topic, have something to do with standing on a bridge and hurling logs at cars.

  6. lisslo says:

    Top 3: butterflyfish, divine angst, lizigation


    You’ve been added now, too!

  7. KEL says:

    Your reading post prompted me to write about my own reading list. It’s up on the blog now. I also know that I can’t learn everything and plan for the unexpected first year but I still want to see what is out there in terms of material. It can’t hurt and it preps me for long days of studying law. It will be nice to know that I am familiar with some things and I can say that I won’t regret doing the reading.

  8. lisslo says:

    Hey, do you have Legal Writing in Plain English by Garner? I think another blogger (KEL, the commenter above me) and I are going to work on it together because it has writing exercises. Email me at melissa(dot)in(dot)london(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested!

  9. […] I wrote this post about my summer reading list, I have returned Torts and Legal Research In a Nutshell as well as Scott Turow’s memoir One […]

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