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So, last week I wrote several short entries for OnMilwaukee.com’s travel blog contest. They are nothing earth shattering, and most of these stories have previously been documented somewhere in my archives, but if you are interested, here are the links to: Christmas in a small, Mexican town; Hiking el rancho; Cooking adventures; and Looking ahead in West Texas. I could say that is why I didn’t blog here, but I’m not really sure if that is true. I’ve been busy. I am working on a project, working on my garden, planning a little work on my house and reading in preparation for law school.

It was fun to write some random travel posts though. I will find out tomorrow if I actually won an ironic 3-night trip to a swanky all-inclusive resort resort near Cancun.

Since I wrote this post about my summer reading list, I have returned Torts and Legal Research In a Nutshell as well as Scott Turow’s memoir One L. I read about half of One L, Turow’s account of being a first-year Harvard law student in the 70s, and while it’s a decent read, I don’t think it’s super representative of what I will experience as a woman at the University of Wisconsin in 2008, and the book wasn’t holding my attention enough to justify the time needed to finish it. I have been advised to buy a different set of summary-type books which I will use next year in place of the nutshell guides. I ordered those on half.com for far less than half their retail prices.

I have gotten a some hits from other law-school bloggers, and have linked a few interesting blogs in my sidebar. I also ended up in an e-study group with Terra Nullius and A Woman in Law School. We will start working through the exercises of another recommended pre-law school book, Legal Writing in Plain English, as soon as I get the book. I am currently reading, Getting to Maybe: How to Excel on Law School Exams. I don’t really plan (or expect maybe) to excel on law school exams, but I wouldn’t mind if I did. I don’t need to be a top student to be an immigration lawyer, and frankly, most of the stuff I have to excel in to take these exams is fairly irrelevant to the eventual practice of immigration law.

However, my goal in preparing this summer is to alleviate the stress that I know is coming once school starts. The better equipped I am to deal with the mental challenges of law school, the less stressed I will be with studying, classes, etc, I hope. I am a married woman and will live in two cities starting in August. I will be returning to academia after six years of working. I am looking forward to the change, but not really to the  additional stress.


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  1. KEL says:

    Hey, e-mail me because I can send you some of those law school nutshell guides electronically. Then maybe you could send more of your books back and save some dough. I also e-mailed “Terra” about how to organize our writing exercise group. Any thoughts?

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