meeting my rockstars

Tomorrow at this time I’ll be on my way to Canada for the American Immigration Lawyers Association annual conference. I’m thrilled that I get to go, especially now that I know that my lawyer friend intends to “corner” some government officials to grill them on the questionable ways they are interpreting a particular tidbit of immigration law. Also because I get to meet some amazing women I admire greatly and hopefully all sorts of other people that will eventually be my peers.

In a week or two, after the conference is over, I plan to give notice at my job of two plus years. It’s been a good run. Overall I’ve had a successful time here. My job as a general manager for a fast-casual restaurant was sucking my soul; I was way too young to be that stressed-heading-rapidly-toward-burnout. I needed out and when I interviewed at this local medical supply company with a national vaccine division I could see relief. This job has been a blessing, most definitely a relief – a period of relative boredom and a dearth of workplace challenge that allowed me to find a passion for law. Ironic. I’m not the first person to be bored into finding their passion here. My now-close friend worked here for a year before heading to Europe for months and then starting her own personal chef business.

It will be sad to leave though. I have made two good friends here, and gotten to know a number of great people. I sit sort of between my two friends, and some days we have exchanged 100 e-mails about frustrations, vents and funny things that have happened. It’s a strange aspect of modern office life I suppose to make jokes entirely in writing to people sitting 5-10 feet away from you.

I’ve also been thinking about how this might be the last 35 or so days that I work for someone else. I imagine I will do at least one internship during law school, and will definitely work (in a coffee shop or retail or as a paralegal) during school at certain points, but that’s different somehow. Those will all be temporary stints leading up to the day I hopefully open my own little law practice. And from there, I will wear jeans when I want. I will play the music I like and bring any children I might have to the office, which might very well be my living room for a while. It’s immensely freeing and satisfying to envision this future.

I do realize there are huge obstacles to making it happen, but getting into school was one of the biggest, completing my 1 L year alive will be the next.


One Response to meeting my rockstars

  1. lois bruss says:

    Looking forward to hearing about Vancouver & the conference. Great opportunity to meet people involved in immigration law at the conference!

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