I cannot believe it’s July. The summertime is flying. I had an agreement of sorts with my department manager to give my notice at work after I came back from Vancouver, and I did so Monday. It wasn’t any surprise to the company president as various people already knew I had been accepted to UW and probably assumed I would go there over Marquette. Still, it’s a relief to have people know what is going on. No more awkward evasions of certain people and questions.

In seven weeks I’ll be in the midst of law school orientation. I’m giddy right now, but aware that in 10 weeks I’ll probably be up to my ears in books and cases and new terminology. Yesterday I received an e-mail from the admissions office asking for my shirt size to order my t-shirt for the orientation community day. I had to write a short bio to introduce myself to my classmates. I’ve got loans taken care of, but I need to deal with student health insurance, changing my car insurance and doing something with the money in my 401K.

Being at the AILA conference, however, really gave me a vision for the future. Meeting and spending time with attorneys Laurel Scott and Heather Poole, I felt even more confident that, although it will be daunting, I can run my own practice one day. If I have to start it out of my living room, so be it. But I know I can do it.


2 Responses to notice

  1. lois bruss says:

    Go Laura Go !
    I’m so proud of you.

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