night class might be fun after all

I just received a mass e-mail from one of my professors. It includes a few short power point + audio lectures introducing the subject matter of civil procedure. This is the same professor my mentor decribed as “unorthodox” and “fantastic,” and I’m guessing from the background music (Bob Dylan “Buckets of Rain”) and the random jokes interspersed through the lecture, I’m going to love this guy. If I can look forward to even one class twice a week, my weird afternoon/evening schedule might be worth it. And if I end up having off on Fridays…


One Response to night class might be fun after all

  1. lois bruss says:

    That is a great Dylan song. I just love hearing about other people who are fans. He must be one to use a Dylan song in a law lecture even it’s only an introductory lecture. I’ll stop now before I start my rhapsodizing about Dylan songs but this professor used this song to let his students have a little insight into him as a person.

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