Well, this is a pretty lame countdown because tomorrow is already my last day of work. It’s exciting and a little scary, mostly because I have worked, with a few traveling breaks, since I was 15. I am required to take 17 credits first semester, so no working.

In any case, I am really looking forward to next week off. I’ve already planned a day in Madison with my sister on Sunday, a trip to the museum with old friends and their kids Monday, salon and possibly beach day Wednesday (I’ve got to go see the renovation of Milwaukee’s Bradford Beach at least once this summer) and another day in Madison with my dear friend Sara on Friday.

In between, I’ll be packing, cleaning, sanding those pesky steps shown a few posts ago, and doing other annoying administrative tasks like signing up for classes, health insurance, law school deferment and maybe 401K transfers… super fun! I’ll also be attempting to sell more books on, get my 1L books as cheaply as possible and purchase a whole new set of personal items (make-up, shampoo, etc) for my apartment life in Madison. That will require a trip to Target, which will actually be fun.

Sometimes my thoughts trail to some random memory, and then suddenly I think, “Wow, I get to go to law school in Madison in a few weeks.” It’s so exciting and I still feel somewhat inadequate and unprepared. At the same time, I am confident that I am mature and determined enough to handle it all well. Once I start, I know I will figure out how to proceed with all the reading, note-taking, briefing and outlining. I hope the lack of brainpower utilized in my last few jobs have left plenty extra to manage law school.

So here I am. Halfway through my second last day. It will be sad to take down my Lonely Planet Adventures calendar, pack up my breakfast cereals and say my last goodbyes to the sales reps and customers I have met here during the last two+ years. But much sadder is knowing I will miss the fun banter among my department-mates, and the random antics of other people that work at this little company. I will miss our conversations and chats, but I also know we will keep in touch. I occasionally complain about this job, but overall it’s really been great. The actual work came somewhat naturally, and that has allowed me to think about what would really be a more suitable and challenging career.


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