I’m here. Waiting for things to start, sitting with another girl who also feels uncomfortable with the level of simultaneous schmoozing and social discomfort in the room. It’s good people-watching, but it’s bizarre to think I will spend the next 3 years with these people. Gah!!?


3 Responses to orientation

  1. lisslo says:

    What is with the schmoozing at law school?! It happened here, too. And continues to, over a week later. People are crazy.

  2. christinany says:

    Glad to see you are settling in. 3 years is long time, unless you are looking at a life sentence. It’s all about perspective!!

  3. Jordan says:

    I came across your blog after google searching LSAT. I’m preping to take the test in october and struggling with going back to school at 29 yrs old (leaving a full-time job, returning to student life). It’s nice to see someone else out there chose that path is is doing well. Good luck w/ everything. side note: I studied in Beijing as well (3yrs ago) and felt the same way about the Olympics bringing back all the crazy China memories I had repressed.

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