home dos

I feel a little like I’m in an alternate universe. I moved into a stranger’s apartment this week. We met through craigslist and in person once or twice, exchanged e-mails for a few months, but I really know nothing about her besides her hometown and major. Because she is really nice and I immediately thought she would be a good roommate, as well as the very reasonable rent and the apartment’s proximity to campus, I immediately decided to live here.

So the funny thing is that I moved in Monday and she is basically gone this whole week doing field research. (I don’t really know what she does yet so I can’t elaborate!) And I am here, and it seems like I moved into someone else’s life. I snooped around to find where the dishes and cleaning products are, put my things in the cleared-out spaces in the medicine cabinet and refridgerator shelves, and now I’m trying to introduce myself to her crazy cat. (Roommate–cat’s owner–said she was crazy, not me).

But she is an amusing cat. She didn’t come out until I was here for a few hours. Then I was talking on the phone in the kitchen and walked back down the hall and there she was, staring me down. I stared back for a while and left her alone. She seems to be adjusting well though. Just now she came out and stared at me for a while, then taunted and eventually ate (I think) a pantry moth that was flying around here before going back to the other room. Yummers. Crazy cats are good fun though.

So now it’s late-ish on my second day here and I’m off to sleep so I can get up tomorrow and do yardwork for community day. Some of my law school colleagues seemed a little annoyed about the “manual labor.” ::rolls eyes::


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  1. kyledeb says:

    Awesome. I’ve got you on my feedreader.

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