partially orientated

The morning started, as usual, with procrastination. I hit the snooze button four or five times, got up, got ready in a leisurely fashion, prepared to leave, remembered I needed something else, reorganized my bag, pondered whether I should make some coffee at home or drink the law school stuff, marked some sold books shipped on, thought about leaving again, checked my email (again), thought about getting in the car and driving back to Milwaukee, then finally, checked myself in the mirror one more time, and biked to campus.

I’m not a social butterfly. I’m not good at making conversation with strangers, and I knew today was going to be all about that. Some people (the gifted ones), will just strike up a conversation with anyone, but there is nothing more awkward than sitting next to someone else who knows perfectly well that either you or they should introduce themselves, and neither takes the step. It’s asinine and silly, but it still happens.

By the end of the day, things had improved. We had lunch with our small sections, 20 or so people who share the same schedule, and overall it was very pleasant. I didn’t sniff out any gunner-like tendencies, but nor am I a pro at such a thing. I’ve only started. Several 2L students who are assisting our section mentioned that no one should be that person who raises their hand in class ALL the time. Everyone will hate that person. Just don’t do it. I’m glad they said that. There seem to be a fair amount of nice and interesting people in my section. With a few of them, we even got past the awkward intro stage to the less awkward joking around stage.

Later in the afternoon, we met with our torts professor, who is very nice and seems very interesting. She did, however, say that every class period, half the class (this class is just the 20 people) will be “on call” for questioning ala the Socratic method. She said she is all about class participation and that in every class period, everyone in that half of the class will probably be called on. This would have been my worst nightmare as an undergrad. I am not a class participant. I mumble, ramble, and don’t speak clearly in front of others. However, I’m not really embarrassed about it anymore. I guess because I know who I am and that I have other gifts that just don’t happen to include talking in class. I just have to deal with it. Because every week I’ll be on call for two hours.

Other interesting activities of the day included getting a locker (!) in the law school and finding my first book in the law library, so that I could make a copy of the case I need to read for class, which I will now read, right now. Adios!


One Response to partially orientated

  1. amy g says:

    What excitement. I’m so glad things are starting off well. I especially laughed at part about that person who always raises their hand. Hopefully you don’t have any of those. Sounds like a cool bunch of people!

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