old ladyism, part one

There’s nothing like returning to my hometown, that of breweries, blue-collar pride and cheese curds, from my college town, haven of environmentalists, liberal students and farmer’s markets, in the middle of a prominent motorcycle company’s anniversary celebration.

Actually, neither city really lives up to its stereotypes (IMHO), but that’s besides the point, because right now, the hometown seems like the epitome of itself. There are motorcycles everywhere. You seriously can drive across town (which I just did) and always be in view of a motorcycle or six. And you know, I wouldn’t mind them, if they weren’t so damn loud. Why-o-why-o-why is it so cool to drive something that creates such a deafening noise? Seriously, don’t these riders have headaches? High rates of deafness? I just don’t get it. It’s cool to have a quiet automobile, but totally acceptable to have a ridiculously loud motorcycle.

The other day near campus, a very out-of-place Harley rider rode through one of the main student areas on his super-loud Harley. It was so funny, I saw like six people look at him in disgust. Haha.. that never happens here at home, just an hour away. People are more likely to stare in awe and give thumbs up. These anniversaries are great for local business and tourism, so I have to temper my irritation, but still. So loud!


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