reading, reading, reading

So far I’ve read the Hammontree case for my torts class (guy has a seizure while driving and crashes his car through plaintiff’s shop, causing injury and damage), fifty pages of contracts and 35 pages of substantive criminal law. I’ve been taking notes in my new favorite program Circus Ponies Notebook and briefing (basically summarizing) cases along the way.

The most surprising thing is that the material, so far, is pretty interesting. I guess I had this idea in my head that school is boring and law school will therefore be boring. Perhaps because I haven’t been in school for six years, or because I didn’t take many amazing classes as an undergrad, or because I have never excelled in an academic setting? In any case, I’m actually kind of excited about the material. I have a short attention span and it’s been relatively easy for me to focus for several hours at a time on these topics. I do have breaks for web surfing, but I’ve been able to rein it in to a few minutes here and there.

I’m nervous and excited for the first day of class Tuesday. I’m assuming I’ll get called on, which is a huge motivation to be really prepared. So far, so good I think.


One Response to reading, reading, reading

  1. Kel says:

    I’ve been reading all day wondering if it will ever end…

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