do-over please?

I was feeling so prepared, and now I just want this day to be over. Last night I organized my backpack, thinking carefully about what my day would look like. I packed the books I would need for my early afternoon classes, planning to leave them in my locker after 3:30 while I went home and picked up the books I would need later and tomorrow before biking back to the law school for my evening class.

I got up mostly on time this morning, got ready, had breakfast and left. When I crossed the street to where my bike was parked (over the long weekend) I noticed my seat was no longer attached to my bike. Indeed, my seat had been stolen.

Bastards ruined the morning of first day of law school. Okay, not going to be mad though, because it’s going to further ruin my day, so I thought.

So I walked to school with my 30-pound backpack. No biggie really, the walk was good, but it’s hot, and by the time I got to school I was sweating.

I plopped down in the library for the first time and immediately felt the “strange and terrible tension” that several 2nd and 3rd year law students had told me about the law library. It’s too quiet. You walk through and the distracted people look up at you, eyes pleading either “be quiet” or “sit the hell down.” I found a spot and got my computer out, only to realize I seem to have left the crucial half of my Mac power cord at home.

Breathe. Relax. Maybe I have enough battery power to get through two classes? But if not, there are only ten minutes between those two classes. I don’t even have a piece of paper in my backpack, much less a notebook to take notes on. I imagined sitting in class with no way to take notes. It just didn’t seem pretty. At the same time imagining being called on the first day. Paranoid? Probably. I’ll tell you in a few hours. As for now, at least I can store my stuff in my locker while I walk home and get my power cable.


2 Responses to do-over please?

  1. I totally hear you on the laptop thing! The guy in front of me in property was looking at pictures of Vanna White during a whole class last week.

    Glad to hear your afternoon went better than your morning. We just started our third week and it’s finally starting to feel pretty routine.

  2. mary says:

    argh, laura. that sucks! at least it’s cooling off now, so a few days of walking to school until you get your bike fixed shouldn’t feel so unbearable (was that the 92 degree day??).

    praying for your peace 🙂

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