much better sort of

Two classes down, two hours of small-section torts to go. I’m much more relaxed, now that I have my power cord and haven’t been called on in class randomly. One guy did get called on in contracts randomly. He totally bombed, but it was okay. The professor was super nice to him, and no one cared. I hope my first utter class failure will be similarly painless.

In other events of the day… I HAVE SO MUCH READING TO DO. I thought I did well over the weekend, but who was I kidding? I have to do that much reading again, by Thursday basically. Boo. Okay, I knew it was coming.

Also, a guy sitting in front of me in contracts surfed the web the entire period. At one point he opened up iGoogle and there was a prominent photo of a girl in a bikini. Nice. He closed it… after a few long seconds. Ew. A few minutes later the teacher commented that while he has no issues with laptops in class, he would like all students to feel comfortable objecting, like in a courtroom, to the internet activities any of our fellow students may be participating in. I’m just hoping that guy makes his permanent seat elsewhere. Otherwise, I may have to exercise my rights.


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