estop the craziness

I’m just wondering right now, how long my Socratic-Method-induced fear terror will last this semester. Can some 2L help me with this? I seriously feel like I’m in high school right now and Mr. Cavander is asking me to give a speech about birds or cake or something in front of class. (Back then, I felt like I was going to DIE).

I guess I’m somewhat less tense than in high school. Maybe? I mean, I don’t think I’m going to vomit or wet my pants or anything, but SERIOUSLY. How can I be 29, having just spent two years in a job where I talked off the cuff with no problem with random people every day, and be this terrified of answering questions in a law school class?


2 Responses to estop the craziness

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  2. ed jones says:

    The solution is to realize that classroom questions are the legal version of bull riding. No cowboy ever bucked a bull off his back. The bull always wins. The goal for the cowboy is stay on for eight seconds and look good doing it. Enjoy the ride, wave your hat and know you will hit the ground. Other students will pay the rodeo clown and distract the bull while you recover.

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