answer it nao

So, remember when I freaked out just a few hours ago?

While I was trying to deal with my anxiety about speaking in class, I e-mailed my former co-workers (they are friends, but they happen to still work together at my former place of employment, so I will refer to them as the co-workers) a vent about the same subject. Well, as I arrived in class, I received a reply:

‘”John Smith had been tired of looking at the run down shack on his neighbor, Bill Lang’s, property. John investigated the shack and believes that a part of the shack is actually on his property. So one day, John set the shack on fire with the intention of burning it to the ground. John was unaware that Steve Jones, a homeless man, had been living in the shack and was in fact sleeping inside the shack at the time of the fire. It was discovered that Steve was killed in the fire. You are the local District Attorney. Do you arrest John and/or Bill and if so, what crimes do you charge them with? What defenses can they present?”

ANSWER NAO!!!!  just imagine your professor asking the question in leet intarweb speak and things will get easier, just remember to NOT answer in leet intarweb speak.”

So, I lol-ed… Then, our small-section professor asked us if we had all had our free ice cream yet. We were all like, “Huh, free ice cream? WHERE?” And so being a very nice woman, she gave us seven minutes to run outside the law school where the student government was passing out nice dishes of tasty ice cream (good flavors too, none of this straight chocolate or vanilla like you would think). It is a 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. class afterall. We need nourishment during those hours!

So, as expected, I was called on first, and between the ice cream and imagining the conversation in “intarwebz speak” I was fine. I was actually prepared for class too, so that definitely helped. And also, tomorrow is Friday! Only two hours of class! YAHAHWEDG! I’ve almost never been so excited about a weekend where I didn’t have any plans.


One Response to answer it nao

  1. shake me says:

    you are quite funny. i’m afraid to speak in class as well, but my dreaded class is crim law not civpro.

    i fear answering in lolcat speak one of these days. especially in contracts.

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