week two, part two

Today was actually a pretty good day. I felt as prepared as most of my classmates and didn’t sound like a complete idiot at any time of the day. This is progress.

I did so much over the weekend that I’m actually ahead, meaning I don’t have to spend tomorrow morning in the library, meaning I can get up and run or go to the gym. This is also great for my health and sanity.

I also had lunch with a 3rd-year student who is working on a committee to get our law school to implement an immigration clinical program, which I would absolutely want to be a part of. It was nice to talk to someone who could actually relate to the reasons I am in law school.

Not that all my classmates are super-driven, high-powered big-firm types, but my sense is that most of them don’t have direction toward a certain career path, where I already have a very narrow focus on what I want to do. Not to say all the legal stuff I am learning is not interesting or relevant, but immigration law is a niche, with its own rules and standards.

Anyway, my head hurts now and I’m tired. Hasta mañana!


One Response to week two, part two

  1. lois bruss says:

    glad to hear you had a good Monday & the possible immigration clinical program

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