books, block parties and clowns

It’s a gloomy day in the neighborhood. I’m at my regular hometown coffee shop for the day, with a foot-high stack of books as my companion. I did civ pro and some torts. I need to review my crim stuff but I dislike that class and am therefore procrastinating. I have dinner plans with friends and Thai food to look forward to tonight, but that’s still several hours away.

My regular coffee shop is in a trendy but unpretentious part of town that offers good coffee, large tables with comfortable chairs, breakfast sandwiches, free intrawebz and a steady stream of hipster-watching. This has only recently become my regular place. As I drove here this morning I saw roadblocks in front of the beginnings of a neighborhood festival. I drove around it and parked on a side street.

I’ve been here for five hours already, as the rain subsided and the people filled the main street in front of the cafe. From my depressing indoor table I can see some sort of odd dance going on at the tent outside the cafe. Some kids are using the coffee shop as a hideout, darting between the windows watching for their friends, then running outside, then coming back. A clown came in and sat in my line of vision for a good hour, taking a coffee break. There is a grill outside another window, cooking tasty treats.

Okay, so today is pretty depressing. Just me and mah books. Back to those delicious torts.


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