when torts are food

Some quotables from class today:

  • Plaintiff contended that, because the banana peel was blackened, the defendant must have had notice of a dangerous conditions on the premises, and was therefore liable for the slip and fall.
  • The plaintiff, while shopping in defendant’s store, fell backward, did not come into contact with the shelves, but hit her head directly on the floor where “a lot of broken jars” of baby food lay.
  • “When I was opposite to his shop, a barrel of flour fell from a window above in defendant’s house and shop, and knocked the plaintiff down.”

This was just a short break in an otherwise full day. I need to put together claims for a complaint assignment in civil procedure, read five torts cases (less edible, more medical malpractice this time around), catch up on the horrible crim reading, and spend some time trying to understand very complex contracts case. I feel a tad stressed right now.


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