I guess I like bullet point posting today. Here are some random thoughts that haven’t spawned their own post:

  • White macbooks (like my own) are not unique or special anywhere in my college town, especially not in the law school. They are everywhere. In class you can watch any number of people in front of you  enjoying the ease and pleasure of the Leopard OS.
  • I miss my daily dose of NPR news. It’s a treat to listen in the car driving home on Friday afternoons and back on Monday mornings. Otherwise I feel really isolated from news, which is something I didn’t experience working at the job I had before school started, considering I had half the day to amuse myself on the netz.
  • Teh freshman, they looks like babies!
  • Sometimes I find the crazy apartment cat referenced a few weeks ago hanging out in the sink or the bathtub. Or chasing its tail with gusto and growling.
  • My criminal law class is horrible. It’s horrible beyond horrible actually. My only glimmer of hope is that a friend had this professor last year and told me about the exam. The exam doesn’t sound so horrible, but I will be really, really glad when I never have to take another criminal law class.
  • Monday I had lunch with the Dean of the law school and a small group of students. I asked about immigration law and he did not offer a very satisfying answer. Essentially: we’ll have a course next year. He seemed much more interested in discussing how our school will catapult itself into the top 25 in the U.S. News ratings in the next few years.
  • I’ve become a night owl again, but I sometimes get up early and study as well. It sort of depends on the day and how much work has to be done when. I’ve given up trying to have a really normal schedule. That’s never really worked for me anyway.
  • There are unpleasant days, but overall I really like law school.

One Response to tidbits

  1. dennisjansen says:

    We have a mandatory laptop program, so there are only two people (girls!) that bring their macs to class. Everyone else has the school IBM thinkpads

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