wednesday distraction

I was tagged by my blog buddy Terra Nullius today, just in time to participate in a little procrastination. Actually, I had class for 8 hours straight today, and I’ve spend the last three hours since diligently studying (I even started an outline!), so it’s not even guilt-ridden procrastination.

So, with that, here are five non-law blogs I think you should check out:

  • the other side of the ocean – this is a recent discovery of mine. Witty tales and great photography! What could be better?
  • no impact man – a rather amazing green blog about a New Yorker’s experiment in quitting his Carbon footprint. Not even pretentious!
  • well fed – my favorite food blog. It causes much drooling.
  • migra matters – an excellent source of immigrant-friendly news and commentary from an excellent writer and advocate
  • dooce – probably too obvious and popular of a choice, but dooce is a destination when I need a dose of neurotic amusement



One Response to wednesday distraction

  1. Nobody Who says:

    Aww! Thanks for thinking of me!

    I just did this- but I am stoked to check out your links.

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