pressure: on

This is the time in the semester my mentor was probably telling me about: When you forget to return the phone calls of dear friends, lose sleep over writing a draft of a legal memo, and maybe even hope you’ll get hit by a bus. I’m not really at the bus stage yet, but the next week is going to be rough.

I’ve got a midterm in Crim Monday. I’m not exactly behind in Crim, but I find the class extremely annoying and sometimes boring. I can’t even decide if it’s worthwhile to go. Less people show up in that class every week, so obviously I’m not alone. I’m not sure if I love or hate the professor, but the class itself brings out the most irritating traits of my classmates. An hour a day of listening to a few obnoxious people stating their opinions on what a hypothetical prosecutor should charge, and why. I’m banking on the fact that having a moral compass and a decent understanding of a few basic principles of criminal law is going to get me through the midterm. None of his past exams have any substantial case law – just a hypothetical that you have to address from the perspective of either a prosecutor, defense counsel or judge.

By Monday I also have to turn in a draft of my first legal memo for Civil Procedure, basically a discussion of the strength of defendant’s motion to dismiss from the view of the plaintiff’s lawyer. I generally like my civil procedure class, it’s very non-traditional, hands-on and the professor is great. But the memo is a bit overwhelming for students with a month of law school under our belts.

Next Thursday I have my other mid-term for torts. I’m less worried about that in general, but I still have a lot of preparation to do, most notably the start of outlining season, for the non-law people reading, basically reviewing everything I have learned so far to organize and cut it down to principles and rules in concise form. Not so delicious.

Oh – 4:35 – time for class!


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