leaves and dives

This weekend was too gorgeous for…. oops, I almost revealed my location. So, it’s fall, and it’s gorgeous. It’s pretty rare here to ever get a chance to go out in shorts and t-shirts while the leaves are in their glorious transition. It had to be 80 degrees today, definitely not the signal of the winter to come.

Fall snuck up on me this year. I hadn’t been looking at the trees much. Then yesterday, my dad was in town for a college football game, and we went walking around and I realized it was a perfect day in a perfect fall. I realized I have to spend more time enjoying life, even if that is substantially less than before law school.

Since I’ve got so much coming up this week (memo, two mid-terms) that I stayed on campus and my husband came here last night. We walked a mile or so through the neighborhood park to a tiny, hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant I’ve heard a bit about. It was indeed dive-y goodness. But not dive-y in a greasy, afterwards-you-feel-sick way, it was really just good. And cheap. And tiny. And run by a family. I love it and I might have to go hang out with them in the middle of the week when I miss my husband – speak some Spanish, feel a bit “normal” again.

Today, we ran some errands, went for another long walk and then I started back to the reading, memo-editing and now, outlining. All I have to say is, I’d rather be watching Desperate Housewives.


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