rainy day and a full moon

As I was biking home after a very long day just now, I noticed it’s practically a full moon. Hmm. Today was neither a complete failure, nor a complete triumph, but one of those days you just have to soldier through…

Against all better judgment, I started a very part-time job this week. I need the extra cash, and I think it willl keep me from wasting so much time on the internetz. It’s really simple and mindless, the people are great, and it’s a non-restaurant job that involves lots of free food. However, the job is about four miles off campus. I have a car though, so no problem. I usually don’t touch my car other than to drive to my hometown Friday afternoons and back to college-town Monday mornings.

Last weekend I didn’t go home though, and F came to visit me here. He took the bus here, and drove my car home. I didn’t think much of this because I can take the bus home Friday. Except Sunday night, long after my car was back home, I had a moment of clarity, remembering the impending start of the job and the absence of car at the same time. Doh.

Good thing my college town has exceptional public transportation (for a medium-sized city) and great bike paths. Tuesday was a gorgeous, warm, fall day. It took me 35 beautiful minutes to get to work, on a route mostly surrounded by quaint backyards and multi-colored trees. The last ten minutes of the ride, however, went dismally uphill, and I arrived for my first day winded and a little sweaty.

I wanted to test the bus route today, and good thing I had prepared, because it was raining. But I didn’t realize it was actually raining until I left the house without my umbrella (which I thought was in the car, in the other city) and biked to what I thought was the most convenient bus stop, also near the law school. I locked my bike, and realized there was no number 6 on the bus stop I thought I should be at. Soaked and already irritable, I went to different corners of the intersection until I found the right bus stop, and waited 15 or so minutes, only to get on the bus and have it backtrack five blocks toward my apartment before heading west to work. I dried a little on the bus.

I got rained on again as I walked from the bus stop three or four blocks to my actual workplace. I jogged as best I could in my inappropriate-for-running shoes, holding a ride guide over my head in a futile attempt to stay dry. Work was fine. Yeah! I checked the ride guide just before noon, thinking the bus probably ran every fifteen minutes, just like it had that morning.

Except it only runs every half hour now, and the route alternates between the one that passes in front of my work and the one that involves walking six or so blocks to a different street. I should mention that it’s still raining at noon, I’m extremely hungry because I didn’t have time for a normal breakfast (go figure – no free food today), and I’m not exactly sure where the other route picks up. I leave and pray that my ride guide interpretation is correct, half jogging the distance to the street where I think the bus will pass in a few minutes. I notoriously misread bus routes, so one highlight of my day is that I was actually right about this judgment.

I get back to campus and remember I am supposed to bring a snack to my late class, so I walk to Walgreens (yes, it’s still raining) and pick up some granola bars, since there is no suitable place to purchase a better snack at this point. Sad, because ordinarily I would bake or at least bring a reasonably impressive snack. Oh well.

I skipped crim to read for Contracts. I got called on in Contracts, just after the professor commented that he liked the back row today (I’m not in the back row, so I thought myself safe). I re-read the discussion question he referred to, making the class wait, and my notes made no sense to me. I had one of those moments of extreme lack of clarity, and said I really wasn’t sure about the answer. The teacher said something about that sounding like an honest answer, and moved on to another student. The first time I got called on in Contracts the professor said something about how my answer was wonderful, so now my rep is ruined. Awesomez.

The rest of the day, spent indoors, drying, reading and writing a discovery plan for our mock lawsuit, was much better. No one laughed at my sad snacks, and during my last class our research teacher took us to one of my favorite rooms in the law school, the reading room of the original law library, reeking with history and and filled with old Federal Reporters. I opened an old book and smelled it. It made me happy. The day was over. It wasn’t raining on my ride home, the full moon lighting the way.

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