autumn weekend

Well, week-o-hell is over, and my weekend recovery has almost passed as well. I took the bus home Friday night, listening to a newish Coldplay album I had just downloaded (Viva la Vida) while reading ahead for torts. It was extremely calming to sit on the bus, listening to music, and know I didn’t have to worry about class or obligations for two days.

Last week held a lot of challenges, but it’s over, and all in all, everything was fine. According to my Contracts prof and a number of other people I spoke to in the last few weeks, mid-October is the worst time for a first-year law student. There are midterms, memos, loads of reading and a general sense that finals rapidly approach. Time is flying. As great as that is since it’s so stressful, it starts to get scary to think ahead to exams.

I wasn’t too dedicated to school this weekend. I caught up with my mom over a great lunch at a neighborhood cafe. I went to the farmer’s market to buy 10 pounds of apples, onions, and a leek. I made chicken soup with potatoes and spinach, visited my grandma and picked the squash I had planted on her land earlier this summer. I took a few photos of the spectacular color of this fall:

Tomorrow I leave home early to get to my job in college town by 8:30 am or so. Then I have two classes and a free evening. I’ll get a midterm and my memo draft back. I’m excited and nervous for both. I should get some sort of grade thing on the midterm, and enough comments to at least have an idea what my legal writing instructor thinks of my way with words.

This week will be busy, but not nearly as stressful as last. Hopefully.


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