The days are brisk. The leaves are faded and falling fast. I got my winter coat out this weekend. There are rumors of flurries. Snow that is.

If I watched any regular television these days I suppose I would have already starting seeing marketing for the holiday season. Thank god I hardly watch any television though, because I hate Christmas advertising before December; maybe I hate it completely.

I’m nearing page 500 in some of my law school books. People are outlining and reviewing and starting to talk about finals. My civil procedure brief, which takes the place of a final, will be assigned soon. The reading seems manageable now. I’m definitely over that hump. It sure helps when you don’t have to look up what summary judgment or certiorari mean.

The weeks fly by. Get up early Monday to drive from hometown to college town to my part-time job. Finish work, go to class, make dinner, study, sleep. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Oh look, it’s Friday already! Go to one class (maybe) and get back to hometown. Hang out with F. Study in places without any law students. Sleep in. Cook something warm and delicious. Watch Desperate Housewives as some sort of weekend-end treat.

Overall, things are going well. The two or so weeks that felt like hell are over. I got a very positive review of my first memo draft, which made me extremely proud. Honestly I felt nervous about it. I thought it was good, but who really knows? Legal writing is its own baby. But I dare say I am okay at it, with the potential for excellence. I feel thankful every day for writing skills. It is absolutely an advantage in law school.

There’s a lot of work ahead, but I can’t help thinking how amazing it is to finish class and have six days until my first exam. Six whole days! And an entire two free days between the subsequent exams. Compared to my memory of undergrad exams, it seems like plenty of time to refresh the mind of the semester’s learning. I wouldn’t say that I’m retaining everything the first time I read it or anything, but I do think I’m absorbing a lot of info. I’m starting to come across concepts in contracts that relate to something I learned previously in torts or civil procedure.

I can only hope the seemingly never-ending, frozen winter ahead will go fly as fast as the past few months have.


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