no time for verbosity

I should be saving these key strokes for brief I am working on this weekend. Some first semester 1Ls write briefs at my school. I guess that is unusual? Anyway I’m one of them. The draft is due Monday.

I never took drafts too seriously as an undergrad, but a good draft leads to good, helpful comments from my kick-ass legal writing teacher, so I have to turn in something quality. This brief turns into the final for civil procedure, so a good draft + good comments means I’ll be done with that class (cross my fingers) before my exams even begin on the 9th.

In other news, I’ve been searching for flights to Mexico for weeks now. The problem is that I won’t pay more than $350 round trip. I’m lucky to be close to a major airport hub that usually has tickets in the $300 range to Mexico City, which is a couple hours from F’s town.

Originally, I said I thought he should just go without me this year (no moniez!) but then I got this part-time job, meaning I’m actually earning something, and thought about how I should really make use of having a winter break again. Since we stay with family the whole time, we can spend very little in two weeks in Mexico.

Then I found out my job doesn’t need me to work in the latter half of December at all, and that was that. I started my ritual of twice a day, trolling for my $300 tickets for the dates I’m available.

I was getting a little hopeless, because there didn’t seem to be anything available for the dates I have that was less than $600, but last night, after downing half a bottle of wine (don’t judge – I had already spent eight productive hours on my brief during the day) I found my tickets!

10 days in Mexico – here I freaking come! I’m going to read novels on the roof (in the sun), cook with my mother-in-law and wander the streets of F’s small down drinking hot beverages passed out by friendly neighbors. It’s going to be all the more brilliant after this first semester months of law school. And because the weather in my neighborhood in December leaves a few things to be desired. Back to the brief!!!


3 Responses to no time for verbosity

  1. Jansen says:

    Haha! Don’t forget the bluebooking! That’s my favorite.

  2. delicioustorts says:

    Ugh yeah! Luckily this is a draft, so I did my best and will perfect citations later.

  3. Adrianne says:

    Yay! Have a great trip!

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