I just realized this morning that this is my last full week of class. WTH? Where did the time go? Today is my fourth-last torts class. Only 10 more hours of amusing and brilliant Contracts professor lectures. That one is sad.

It’s a little scary to end class. It signals the imminence of exams. This may be sickening to some, but I’m not that stressed. I’m sure I will be. But in the last two weeks I’ve been so preoccupied with my civil procedure/legal writing work that it’s been hard to worry about anything else.

I have a mountain of criminal law to catch up with, but I’m doing okay in my other classes. I have a lot of my contracts outline done, yet I haven’t figured out how I’m going to cram a semester’s worth of torts cases (average 8 per week maybe) onto two double-sided sheets of paper, which is all we can bring into that exam. I can’t bring anything into my criminal law exam, so the contracts outline is by far the most important in that sense.

So, here comes Thanksgiving. I’m going to pack Thursday full of eating and spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday immersed in the books. That’s the best I can do….


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