ups and downs

What a week!

Crappy parts:

  • Getting a lower grade than I expected on my memo 😦
  • Getting the grade I expected (not great) on my “Senior Partner Meeting” which is considered an oral presentation and maybe 10% of my overall grade for Civil Procedure
  • Winter is here. It’s cold walking a mile to and from school every day. Luckily I’m from this part of the world, so I’m “used” to it.
  • Leaving my Crim book at my house in hometown last weekend leading to….
  • … being serially unprepared for Crim class all week

I’m really sad about my memo. I don’t think it was brimming with awesomeness or anything, but the comments from my legal writing teacher on the draft were just short of glowing. My professor graded them however, and he didn’t love it. I didn’t do poorly, but I was expecting an A/A-, and that’s not what I got. I’m not sure what to do about this. Everyone has different preferences on what is good writing, organization, etc. I guess considering that, it just doesn’t seem right to have one lawyer/instructor comment and evaluate the drafts and another do the final grades. (Sigh).

Better parts:

  • Mock trial went awesome – this really reflects on my teammates, who are quite an impressive group of future lawyers.
  • Post-mock trial going out like a 1L for perhaps the third time this semester. I can’t handle the binge drinking like the average 22-year-old anymore, but Thursday night we had tons of fun.
  • Feeling like I’m so incredibly lucky to have such great section-mates. We aren’t even annoyed with each other yet. I don’t even think it’s going to happen!
  • Creating an official exam-study playlist for myself. It’s full of wonderful tunes I hope will prevent discouragement and general stress-induced 1L mania in the next four weeks.
  • The last full week of class is over!
  • I’m one week closer to Mexico than I was last week. 🙂

One Response to ups and downs

  1. Lawful Lady says:

    what’s on your playlist? i am so incredibly sick of pretty much all my music right now as i have played out everything while outlining. hope things pick up for you! 🙂

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