Last night I got home from a long day of feasting, first with my dad’s side of the family, then with my mom’s, and discovered that despite my plans to stay away from any sort of shopping today, I couldn’t pawn getting a much-needed new washer onto my housemate/brother-in-law and had to get up at the crack of hell myself and go to Sears.

I picked out what I wanted from the ads and arrived right around 5 am. I got into a long line in the appliance department, waiting less than ten minutes before two salespeople walked up to our end of the line and said, “we can help some people over here in stoves.” I bolted, and ended up in and out of Sears in about 20 total minutes. It was effing AMAZING. We do, unfortunately, have to deal with our loud, rattling and sometimes not spinning washer for another month, since the one I ordered is not available for delivery until Jan. 1, but eh… that’s what laundromats are for!

I got home just after 5:30 and went back to sleep. Then F took my car to work (his are not exactly fully functional at the moment) and I’ve been home all day. I thought about walking to Starbucks for a late-afternoon pick-me-up, but then decided that idea was more a procrastination technique than anything else. I made a lot of tea, watched a little bad television, and got on with pre-exam study.

Strangely, since it’s my last exam, I’ve been motivated to work on my torts mini-outline today. I’m nearly done with the first draft, and then I need to work on writing my oral argument for civil procedure and practice-examing for crim. I got a really nice e-mail from Professor Civ Pro about my memo just now. I’m feeling totally better about that, for the record, after talking to my writing instructor and now this communication with him.

Well, the sun is down, it’s dinner time and no one is home at casa de mi. I should make use of the quiet and work…


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