two weeks

I’ll be finished with all this in two weeks. Two weeks. Two weeks. Two weeks. It’s incomprehensibly short.

Tomorrow is my last day of class. I sort of want to cry because I’ll miss Professor Contracts, who is simply the greatest teacher I have ever had – brilliant, witty and actually able to teach! Law school professors who can teach! That is great. I got lucky this semester. Rumor has it that Professor Contracts, who is actually retired and recently beat cancer, will be back again next year. It seems to me that he loves teaching enough to keep coming back to a new set of 1Ls. Amazing.

I’ll also miss Professor Civ Pro, who cares so much that law students actually become good lawyers, not just good students or test-takers. I’ll miss my torts professor too, although she has a wonderful blog, so I coubt I’ll really lose track of her. And I’ll maybe even miss, just a tiny bit, the scatterbrained nuttiness of Professor Crim.

As far as these two weeks, I’m not feeling super confident right now. My neck has hurt for days and my Contract outline seems like a never-ending task. I’m definitely in high-learning mode, but I just want it to be over. I have to do an oral argument Thursday and take lots of practice tests for criminal law before my closed-book exam next Tuesday. Then contracts, then polishing up my brief for Civ Pro, then torts…. Here we go…


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