1L fall countdown: 1 down, 2 to go, plus a brief

Substantive Criminal Law – I’m done with you!

Getting through exam one is a mixed bag of relief and foreboding. I successfully got up early, walked the mile to school in a snowstorm and typed for about four hours straight. I enjoyed my pre-exam donut and lamented that the law school cafe had failed to open, and thus failed to provide the free coffee I was depending on. Thank god for a friend who shared her espresso-laced brew with me a few moments before the exam. Delicious!

The exam was okay. I took a little too much time during the first three sections and was rushing at the end with the final, and most complicated, question. I have learned a lesson with that. All in all though, I felt fine about it the exam.

Now I’m off to a short interview for a summer clinical and then back to the books. Thus the foreboding. Contracts – here I come. My outline is 95% done, so I’m going to take practice exams and work on editing my Civ Pro brief for the next three days.

In one week, I’ll be done with the semester and on my way to packing and leaving for Mexico. Yaa-freaking-hoo!


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