contracts contracts contracts

Tomorrow morning is my contracts final. With the exception of the LSAT, I can’t say I’ve spent this much time studying for anything in my life. I started the week before Thanksgiving, struggling to put my massive amounts of notes into outline form. I finished my outline last weekend, after not working on it for a while, and have since been reviewing, taking practice exams, and talking through topics with classmates.

Examples of how this has taken over my life: I rode back to hometown last night with an old friend who commutes to college town while working on her Ph.D. I shared examples of contract law for 75% of the car ride. Luckily, she’s an enormously curious, intelligent and patient person, so she was neither bored nor annoyed (Bonus!). This morning, I was typing a post on (aka the online immigration forum I obsessively participate in) and had to use the word “contract” and typed “K” (which is the legal-world shorthand for “contract”) and it took a few seconds to realize why that was unacceptable.

I’m amazingly not very stressed right now, perhaps because I feel I’ve really done as much as I reasonably could to get ready for this final. I’m even a little sad to bode this surprisingly interesting class farewell, but tomorrow around 12:30 will nonetheless be a wonderful relief.


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