Countdown: 1 exam and a brief re-write to go

Feeling good in the snowy Midwest!

Why? You ask…

  1. I leave for Mexico in four days.

  2. I definitely didn’t bomb my Contracts exam today.
  3. Not to say I did great, but I felt good after it was over.
  4. It’s sort of satisfying to study really freaking hard for something, and then do at least a decent job regurgitating it all on paper, and then being done with it. That’s sick, I know. I don’t think we are supposed to really enjoy or appreciate the “legal bulimia” (Professor Civ Pro’s take on law school examination)…
  5. I leave for Mexico in 84 hours.

  6. I just completed the nitpicky and annoying task of re-doing the citations for my brief, meaning just a half a day or so of re-writing left for tomorrow.
  7. Then a little torts review (outline is already done).
  8. Then the torts exam Tuesday and….

  9. … before I know it, I’ll be in 60 degree weather, hiking the hills, enjoying the small-town market, spending some quality time with F… I can’t wait.

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