vacation bliss

Biggest perk of law school = WINTER VACATION. Closely followed by spring break. I would say summer vacation too, but we’re obviously expected to work hard during the summers as law students. Even aside from that, the variety in these three years is a perk for me personally. I’m not one for doing the same thing every day, all year. I am easily bored.

So… I just got back from 11 days in Mexico with my husband and in-laws. It was a great, relaxing trip. The weather was nice – although where he lives in the lower sierra of Puebla state, it’s pretty cool in the evenings, and no heat, so ironically, I was colder some evenings and early mornings there than I am up here in the North hanging around in heated buildings. But anyway, I took lots of opportunities to soak up the vitamin D during the day, cooked and ate lot of great food and generally blocked out all the stress of the last few months.

But even in small-town Mexico, the law school part of my life was not completely dormant. For example, F and I got into a conversation about inheritance and land rights in Mexico. Like, if one son of five children of a landowner lives and works a piece of land for twenty years before the father passes away, while the other four children/siblings live hundreds of miles away in a major city, rarely visiting, does the one son have more of a right to that land than the others, in the absence of a will? F wasn’t sure under Mexican law, other than to say it would be disputed, but I couldn’t help thinking about that question in terms of my  section on family affairs and contract law this fall. Then I thought, good grief, I AM really interested in international law! Maybe next year.

More winter break news to come. Happy New Year everyone!


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