snow and cuteness

I thought I should post some random photos from my trip. The themes of this year’s trip were a) Snow Evasion Part II (I went to Mexico for two weeks last February, during which nearly two feet of snow fell in my hometown) b) cuteness (evidence to follow) and c) eating delicious, local, homemade food.

As for part a, F and I were wildly successful. I can’t find the exact stats, but it snowed at least a foot and a half in the 11 days I was gone.

thankfully this is not me or anyone I know, however, it could have been

this is about what my garage looked like while I was on vacation

When we got back Sunday, it was in the 30s, and by Monday, I could see the grass in my yard again. If only it were already spring…

As for part b… We spent a day visiting friends of F’s family at a rural ranch in the hills of Puebla. It’s really beautiful…

The rancher raises turkeys, sheep, rabbits and trout (in tanks – with river waiver running up the hill through the tanks and then back into the river). This black sheep’s mother rejected it after it was born, so the rancher has bottle fed it since birth. This makes it extremely friendly, lovable and adorable. (And politically aware?)

Turkeys aren’t that cute, but the rancher did have some adorable puppies too. They were extra playful too!

My mother-in-law has two sheep, a duck couple, four chickens and six or so geese. I was a suburban kid who now lives in the city, so despite my state’s agricultural prowess, I’m about as knowledgeable about raising animals as I am about astrophysics. When we arrived in Mexico, F’s mom took me to the separate piece of land where the animals live to show me the goose mom sitting on her 9 eggs. Goose-mom was very unhappy with our presence – squaking and hissing and defensive of her young. Eight days later, my mother-in-law took the angry goose mom off her nest for a minutes to find four eggs in mid-hatch. The next morning…..

Ridiculous cuteness: SUCCESS!

As far as food, there was much deliciousness to be had. I didn’t take any great food pics this time around, but there’s something wonderful about following four months of rigorous intellectual activity with warm weather, cute animals and simple, delicious food.


One Response to snow and cuteness

  1. Jansen says:

    I like the black sheep! Just bought a stuffed one from Bath & Body Works for $2…yay sales.

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