the cusp

I don’t know where those last two weeks went. I guess they went to lounging around the house, reading non-law things, visiting family, reconnecting with neglected friends, stalking the immigration forum and the like. Nothing that really inspired writing. Oh, and turning 30.

No big celebration here though. I don’t really have special feelings about being 30. I certainly don’t feel bummed about it, though like many I’m sure, I wouldn’t mind doing the 20s over. Not that I’d do so much differently, but I generally enjoy living. The last decade has been filled with so much learning, growing, and traveling, much of which I would love to re-live.

But really, it’s just another birthday, and all in all, I feel lucky in life. I love my husband, am doing exactly what I want to be doing (minus the loans), have wonderful friends and family, and considering all the financial turmoil in the world, I’m not in a terrible spot. Certainly not one anyone would envy, but it’s manageable, and for me anyway, manageable finances mean less stress.

And I’m excited for what is ahead. Maybe we are going to have some rough years in this country, but maybe it won’t be as bad as we’re expecting. Or maybe it will, but we’ll all become stronger for it. I do know I feel an immense sort of relief knowing that an extremely intelligent, pragmatic, conciliatory sort of human being – a most excellent American in so many ways, is about to become our president.

I don’t have unrealistic expectations and I know things aren’t going to change immediately, but I have a great deal of hope (I know it’s cheesy) that we’re going to progress out of the mess we’re in right now (no matter whose fault it is) and become a better country.

Anyway, tomorrow I head back to college town for my second semester of law school. As much as this will out me for being a huge nerd, I’m kind of excited. Along with property and criminal procedure, I’m taking constitutional law and administrative law this semester. An immigration lawyer recently told me I should take special note of how those two subjects will come into play with my future immigrant clients. I fully intend to do just that.


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