Weeelll, it’s a little more difficult than I thought adjusting to semester two. I thought with one semester under the belt the readings would be easier to do (since many law terms are no longer foreign), but my classes are substantively much, much different this semester. The texts are shorter but denser, require more outside knowledge, and just generally seem to involve more historical perspective.

Constitutional Law is not nearly the interesting subject I thought it would be. It’s a lot of history. I don’t mind history, but my professor is not the most effective lecturer to begin with, and her random droning is not helping me learn.

Property is pretty terrible so far, as I should have expected. My professor has mixed reviews, some great, some terrible. I was hoping I would love him, but not yet anyway. In fact, I sort of want to beat my head against the desk in class sometimes.

My elective is Administrative Law, which usefully deals with a lot of the topics I think we are supposed to learn in Con Law, but so far it’s sort of going over my head. The professor loves to spend half the class talking about current events that relate to the federal government, and how things are changing and happening with the transition from Bush to Obama, which is interesting. Actually, Admin Law is pretty great.

I have the same Legal research and writing teacher I had last semester, who I adore, so that is great. I have to write a pretty lame memo this week, but I know how to write for her already, and I know I will learn a lot more from her this semester, so that’s good.

Finally, I have Criminal Procedure. I have the same crazy teacher I had last semester, but right now, all I feel for him is love. I hated his class last semester, but this semester I have so much less love for my other professors that he almost seems effective. AND, despite skipping his class at least once a week last semester, and not really paying attention to the class discussion when I did go, I still got a good grade in he class, which is alarming, hilarious and great. I attribute this partially to an old friend, who sadly transferred out of my school as a 2L as I started as a 1L. Early last semester, he gave me some great advice about this professor. I kept that nugget of wisdom in my mind all semester and truly, it was very helpful, I believe, in doing well on the exam.

Well, back to complaining (formally) and memo writing.


2 Responses to re-adjusting

  1. Azul y Vampy says:

    Hi there! In case you didn’t know, I’m a loyal reader of your blog, I see you’re taking Constitutional Law, and yesterday I was reading Wikipedia’s article of Barack Obama… did you know that he taught that course at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years? Could you imagine how cool that had to be? =)

  2. delicioustorts says:

    Oh man, I’m sure Barack would be a WAY better professor! 🙂

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