spring, or something like it

We have had a long stretch of frigid hell since the start of the semester. No days above freezing for weeks. I’ve been wearing tights (thanks Mom!) under my jeans for extra warmth, walking to school cursing my birth in this godforsaken state, wanting desperately to win a free trip to Mexico, or Kentucky, or anywhere warm (even 50 degrees!), stat! Icy sidewalks, slippery one-mile walks to and from school, frozen faces, staticky hair from wearing hats — ahh Midwestern winter on campus.

I only opine about it with some fondness right now because today is sunny and melty. Walking home just now, a runner passed me with a short-sleeve shirt on and no hat. I saw another wearing shorts, a long-sleeve t-shirt and no winter gear. This is what happens to people in the north! This is why we scoff, along with our new President, at schools closing for half an inch of snow or a little ice. This is because today, when weather.com tells me it’s 38 degrees, but feels like 30, is a heat wave!


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