10 weeks

Soo….. I’ve been a bit quiet lately, probably because most of the interesting things I’ve had to say related to the fact that F and I are expecting a baby in about 30 weeks.

It all started in Mexico, when I got a little dizzy one morning and my mother-in-law said I was pregnant. At that point I was hardly even pregnant, but her analysis turned out to be correct. (This woman did birth nine children, so she’s built up some intuition in that area). Back in the U.S., once I determined I was actually late (exams and Mexico really messed with my memory of time for a while there), I waited three or four days, at home with nothing to do, freaking out, thinking and thinking, in semi-denial, before I went to get a pregnancy test. Positive.

There’s been a theoretical discussion in our house about having a kid during law school ever since I started considering law school. First I thought maybe we’d try to get pregnant about 9 months before graduation. (I talked to a lady at the admitted students’ weekend who had done this). But then I started reading all these law-mom blogs about women who had babies during school. I talked to friends through my immigration forum who highly recommended having a kid during graduate/professional school. I saw the pregnant girls at law school and thought, huh, well there’s an idea…

F was initially resistant. He didn’t really want to move to college town, and was holding onto this idea that sometime in the nearish future I would take a year off and be a full-time stay-at-home mom to our infant child. However, I’m already 30 people, and it doesn’t make any sense to think that upon graduating with a load of student loan debt, we would be in any position for me to not be working as an attorney.

Not having any idea how long this whole pregnancy thing would take (to happen I mean), and feeling, for the first time in my life, pretty willing and relatively capable of caring for a child, we decided to just see what happened. And then it happened, to my surprise and disbelief, and F and just about everyone else’s excitement.

I’m definitely still adjusting to the whole concept, but during the last six or so weeks I’ve thought through a lot of technicalities (insurance, where to live in college town as a little family, school + baby, summer plans) and I really think everything is going to be okay.


6 Responses to 10 weeks

  1. Tara says:

    Hey there! I’m 29 too, and also 10 weeks pregnant. I’m due on September 5th. When are you due? It’s such an exciting time!! How have you been feeling? Congrats!!

  2. Jen says:

    That is AWESOME, Bruss! So excited for you! And what did I say when you first started law school? OF COURSE you were going to get pregnant, what with all the time away from eachother! So, is the blog going to be a law school/baby blog, or are you starting another one so we can all follow your expanding abdomen via the internets? 🙂

  3. Adrianne says:

    Of course you would have researched this fully.
    And I think it’s funny that your first symptom was being dizzy. So soap opera-esque.

  4. delicioustorts says:

    The strange part is that is the only time so far I have been dizzy. It may have just been that I got up that morning and started working sort of (okay prepping food) with my mother in law before eating or drinking anything. A while later I started to feel weird and then I almost passed out. That sort of thing never happens to me. But it hasn’t happened since either. Bizarre.

  5. kjohnsonesq says:

    One of my good law school friends had her first baby as a 3L, right before graduation. He was a newborn while she was trying to study for the Bar. That, I don’t recommend. But any other time should be nothing but joy. Congrats!

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