craving and reading

It’s still a little awkward for me to mesh my pregnant and law student statuses into any sort of coherent written product. I’m not sure how to incorporate my dislike for property law with the fact that all my favorite jeans no longer button (Bella band to the rescue!) Or that some days I surf the baby section of for a while, and then go over to Amazon and look for readable history books that will help me understand constitutional law in context. Something about all that just doesn’t quite flow.

But you’ve got to start somewhere. Every Friday I take the bus back to hometown where F picks me up, usually around dinner time. Last week, for nearly four days straight, I craved fish fry. It was ridiculous. I do live in prime fish fry country, I mean, REALLY prime, but it’s not something I ordinarily eat. I am not Catholic, and I would almost never order a fish fry at a restaurant, despite them being available almost anywhere almost any time. Still, last week, for hours on end, I could think of nothing but lightly breaded cod, potato pancakes with a side of applesauce and perhaps some marble rye.

My husband has become quite accommodating recently (I tested this by asking him the quintessential pregnant wife favor a few weeks ago – going out in the cold for a carton of ice cream), and was completely willing to accompany me to a somewhat smoky pub reputed for having a delicious fish fry. We waited way too long, but the meal was totally worth it. For the sake of my post-pregnancy waist line, I hope this craving does not reoccur often. On the other hand, I eat quite healthy and inexpensively during the week, so I feel okay about an occasional weekend splurge.

In the other world, constitutional law is slowly becoming more clear and comprehensible. I’m clinging to the hope that like last semester, once I start outlining and preparing for exams I’ll have many “aha” moments that will pull all this stuff together. I’m learning a lot about the federal government in administrative law, which is fascinating and alternately alarming and encouraging. I really wish my dad (conservative who rails against “big government”) and brother (recently turned radical libertarian), could sit in on this class. As if our occasional family dinner conversations aren’t heated enough already.


3 Responses to craving and reading

  1. Adrianne says:

    Mmm…fish fry…

  2. Dad says:

    Let me think…sit through a Constitutional law class on a liberal campus in a liberal city, by a, no doubt, liberal professor. Hmmm – maybe after I pull my fingernails out with a pliers.

    Actually, if Government paid a little more attention to the Constitution, and judges spent less time rewriting it with their rulings, I would have a little less problem with Govt. 🙂

  3. delicioustorts says:

    Actually, Constitutional Law (part I, that I’m in now) is not very political. I mean, at least not in a way that exactly translates into the modern world, because the parties are different and their stances on things are completely different. I don’t know what the professor is. I sure wouldn’t call her liberal. Maybe crazy.

    Admin Law, on the other hand, is the study of how the federal government has grown and changed over time. Our book is written by a total conservative/formalist (someone who believes judges should only look to what the founders intended and not go any further in interpreting the Constitution) but the professor seems more liberal. Anyway, it’s all very interesting. Certainly not what I was expecting.

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