shocking my classmates

I have to say, one of the more amusing things about being a pregnant law student is telling other students about the impending baby.

The first person I told over gmail chat very early on. She is my closest friend from law school, and we g-chatted a lot last semester, venting about classes or asking each other questions about whether a professor really said this or that. So it seemed  strangely appropriate, while I was back in hometown and she elsewhere during winter break, to tell her during a quick chat. A flurry of adorable gmail chat emoticons appeared in response (they really are very cute  , see?). She was very happy and excited, which was really to be expected.

Then there is the shock. Like during the first week of classes, when I was standing with a couple girls I know pretty well, and they asked me if I was coming to bar review that week, and I said, “aaaaactually, I’m pregnant.” And it was more like: and then a delayed, “Wow, congratulations.” (Still looking shocked and confused). Later, one of these girls sent me an unnecessary apologetic message about her reaction, because she had just been so shocked.

Another girl, who I sat next to in Contracts last semester (we bonded over our great love for our hilarious and adorably disheveled professor) was surprisingly excited. She mentioned I was the first person (well, I assume she meant the first person in her generation) that she knew for whom having a baby was an exciting, planned thing, and not an “oops, oh crap” sort of thing.

Then, there are the guys. I haven’t been feeling the greatest this week, and I missed some class. So when I went to class yesterday and my neighbor in property asked how I was doing, I said, “well, I’ve been better.” I also figured he already knew I was pregnant since I’ve been out about it on facebook for weeks, but apparently not. He said: “Well, what’s wrong?” And I said, “I’m pregnant,” and he looked totally shocked: “Are you serious?” “Yes. I have baby-induced illness.” LOL “Well, kudos to you.” Hahahahahaha. He didn’t say anything else. I think I terrified him.

Like I said, I find all this amusing. There are plenty (well, maybe five) pregnant ladies around the law school. But if I were 22 or 23, I’m sure I wouldn’t know quite what to do with my 30-year-old pregnant classmate either. And I suppose, because I went out and drank heavily a couple times with all these people last semester, they don’t really see me as someone who’s 30 and been married for 5 years. And I certainly have taken my return to student-dom as an opportunity to dress like a student again.

I’m kind of looking forward to looking more pregnant, and maybe having a teacher randomly comment on it. That will be fun. But for now, spring break awaits!


2 Responses to shocking my classmates

  1. Adrianne says:

    Baby-induced illness. I like that. I have baby-induced heartburn because this kid is under my ribcage and there is nowhere for my other internal organs to retreat. That didn’t happen the first time…

  2. Alwayschasingjustice says:

    I was also pregnant during my first year of law school. I am in my second year with my 13 month old (and a 8 year old and a 5 year old). So, I completely understand how you feel. Good luck with law school and motherhood. 🙂

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