I did not intend to take a hiatus, it just happened. First for a law school update, then maybe a pregnancy one, then maybe one about my summer job.

Exams were hell this semester. So much so that I didn’t even feel like writing about it. I got very lucky fall semester to only have one exam where I had to write a full-on outline. We have an unconventional criminal law program at my school including a closed book exam that was a LOT more about using your intuition and applying your moral compass to different scenarios than trying to answer substantive questions about the law. We could only bring in two sheets of paper for torts and there were relatively few cases to learn in that class, besides they weren’t that complicated, so it was relatively easy to study for. I made a standard 40-some-page outline for contracts, the class I enjoyed the most and spent the most time on, only to get my worst grade. And my civil procedure class had a brief due in place of a final.

So…. I wasn’t altogether prepared to write three longer outlines on more complicated subjects this spring. I started early, but was burned out and distracted well before exam week. I had gotten behind in con law and admin, so it was extremely time-consuming to catch up, learn everything and feel prepared for the exams.

That said, May 16th was an incredible relief and I’m glad to officially be a 2L. I had more than a week off between my last final and the start of my summer clinical program back in college-town. I used that time to resurrect my garden, hang out with friends I had neglected far too long, and generally enjoy as much Midwestern spring as I could.


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