It’s been so long blog…

Waaaay back in 2008, when I started law school, I decided to start another blog, mostly to be anonymous. I enjoyed some snarky law student blogs, and I thought I might try my hand at that. I blogged for a while, but there were still issues with anonymity, and then I mostly stopped blogging.

School was busy, and I was no longer in transition to law school anyway. I had settled in and had surprisingly few rant-y type outbursts to share anyway. I know it’s sick to some people, but I like law school.

The other reason I stopped writing is that I had a child! Any extra time for casual, cathartic, introspective writing has mostly been absorbed by Gabriel, a tiny and adorable person who makes other people want to have kids. (I know, I’m so biased but seriously, it is TRUE). 🙂

But more than a year after his birth, Gabriel just feels like a normal part of our lives now now. And, more importantly, it’s transition time again, which I will explain in another post. But that nagging voice in my head says I need to write And the law school blog, eh, it was never that good. I want to reclaim my laurafern voice. I like having six years of history in my archives, and someday I think I will go back and review so many things that I wrote about here. It’s the modern version of reading one’s old diaries, or even looking at an old photo album…. These old entries trigger memories of so many important thought processes, events and transitions in my life.

I think I just successfully imported the posts from the law school blog into this one. I don’t expect anyone to be especially interesting in reading them, but I want that continuous history.


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